Wood Wall Shelf Solid Oak UNFINISHED


Wood Wall Shelf 3/4 inch Solid Oak UNFINISHED Knick Knack Figurine What Not HAND CRAFTED Wooden Floating Hanging (Figurine Not Included)



Wood Wall Shelf 3/4 inch Solid Oak UNFINISHED Shelf Only.

An UNFINISHED Wood Wall Shelf Solid Oak 3/4 inch HAND CRAFTED from my original design using solid 3/4″ OAK!   Fine sanding.   Therefore ready for stain, paint or decorative embellishment.  Rather beautifully displays ceramic, pottery, porcelain, or glass shelf sitter,  knick knack,  or figurine.   Measures 5.5 inches in width.  Height is 12 inches.  Shelf depth 6.25 inches.  Because a screw for hanging is part of the listing , Wood Wall Shelf Solid Oak Simple to hang.  Screw head extends slightly from wall to fit into the keyhole slot,  thus the shelf lies flat against the wall.  A lovely wood shelf ready for your creative touch, because you care.

Wood Wall Shelf Solid Oak UNFINISHED only in the listing.

Because the animal figurine on the Wood Wall Shelf Solid Oak is not part of this listing.  Shelf Only.

The animal figurine is available under the decorative wood category.  The deer comes in a variety of woods.


About the handcrafter.

Please visit our sister site at American Pottery from the Great Smokies. 

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Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 x 8 x 8 in

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