The inspirations for the designs, simple as they are, come from deep into the Great Smokey Mountains.  Of course there are other places that come to mind.  So vintage wood objects are there as well.  Such as lap desks.   The themes from other times and other places are present.  Kokopelli comes to mind.  I met kokopelli first in Utah, featuring his flute on the canyon walls in ancient art.

The old eastern mountains whose ridges lie in wrinkles and ruffles hiding old ideas and wonderful wooden pieces.  Nothing original comes from me, I think, it is always something that I have seen.

I copy the appearance, the intent, the form, the function. So making someone else’s  ideas transition into the current world. Those older ideas transition easily and sometimes beautifully.

It is a love affair with the past, I suppose.

I found the love affair deep in those southern highlands.  More on that subject later.